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Veterinary Diet

Slim Pet, Healthy Pet 健康寵物,由修身開始

Itchy, irritaed skin...how can I help my pet stop scratching 痕癢、受刺激的皮膚...我怎樣幫助我的寵物,令牠停止抓癢?

Gastro-intestinal disorders 腸胃道疾病

The best of Royal Canin's expertise for absolute Hepatic Support Royal Canin 為肝臟疾病提供最全面的支持

Chronic Kidney Disease in dogs & cats 狗隻與貓隻的慢性腎病

Priority to Urinary Security 泌尿系統的健康至關重要

How can I help my pet be more mobile 我怎樣能幫助我的寵物更行動自如?

How to promote good oral hygiene 如何保持良好的口腔衛生?

Vet Caring Nutrition

Your nutritional advice helps to keep your dog healthy 愛護你的狗隻,由營養開始

Your nutritional prescription keeps them in good health 愛護你的貓隻,由營養開始


Health Nutrition: Storage Conditions Matter! 營養健康:儲存方法至關重要!

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